We meal prep so you don't have to.
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Starting at $35/wk

What You Get

Dinner is already taken care of.


All the shopping and preparing is done. Just re-heat your delicious burrito bowl, fried rice, chicken and hummus platter, or our other delicious entrees. Rotate entrees every week!

Snack + Side

You want a sweet treat and salty snack to tie the meal together. We've got you covered there, too. Expect a candy bar and bag of chips to compliment each meal.

Every-week Delivery

Every Sunday, we'll deliver your weeks worth of meals to your door. If no one was there to accept the delivery at the specified time, swing by to pick it up at your leisure!

Our Amazing Team

We've been meal prepping for ourselves for years. But a lot of the time, we just didn't feel like it. We thought "What if there was a company that could do this for us?"

That's how Arbor Eats was born.

Alex Gross

Alex Gross

Chief Microwave Re-Heater

John Corser

John Corser

Director of Memes

We're like you. We've spent too much money eating out / ordering in too frequently. We've spent too much energy preparing meals for ourselves week in and week out. We want simple, cheap, tasty meals - delivered and done for us. And now we've made that dream a reality.